Namtok Roi Chan Phan Wang : Trang, Thailand

Roy Chan Phan Wang Waterfall is a recent recognition with potential as a recreation area and touristy destination. In many parts of Thailand, the local rural folks is not ready for a lifestyle that dwell into such fancies, but more concern about their daily needs.

This waterfall or a series of many waterfalls is quite unusual. The waterfalls here however do not fit the usual images of waterfalls most people have in mind, large volume of water falling from tremendous height. Literally translated “Roi Chan Phan Wang” means “hundred level- thousand palaces“. With such names you can imagine the scenery surrounding the vicinity of this waterfall.

It is located in the Northeastern corner of Trang near the populated district of Wang Wiset, somewhat at the border between Trang and Krabi provinces.

Accessible from the left of a junction at Kuan Kun, a 3 kilometers combination road/dirt track leads to the fall. Alternately, at one junction in the Klongshee village along Highway 4, a direction sign is now available to guide visitor to the area. Following this way, the distance of 29 kilometers passes through para-rubber estates and secondary forest. This is a dirt road and visitors are advised to proceed on motorcycles or off road vehicles. Most of the way is unpaved but mainly shaded.

Namtok Roi Chan Phan Wang
Location: Ao Tong, Wang Wiset District, Trang 92220 Thailand

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