Namtok Dong Phayayen : Saraburi, Thailand

Dong Phaya Yen Waterfall is located in Muak Lek District, Saraburi, about 300-400 meters away from Ched Sao Noi Waterfall. It is in the responsibility of the Forest Fire Control Center, Saraburi. It is a small limestone waterfall flowing along cascades, similar to Ched Sao Noi Waterfall. It is a place for relaxing and swimming in the natural atmosphere. The waterfall is divided into 3 zones.

– The first zone : Located in the north of the wooden bridge, there are a few ponds that are not very deep. Children can play in the water.
– The zone above the wooden bridge : The next zone is on the other side of the wooden bridge and consists of a shallow basin where children can play in the water. However, some parts are quite deep with rocks requiring caution while walking.
– The third zone is under the waterfall consisting of the deep basin. It is suitable for adolescents or adults who can swim but not for children.

There are many restaurants, stretchers, and pavilions along the waterfall. It is ideal for relaxing, lying down, or eating. There are also life rings and lifebuoy available for swimming. Dong Phaya Yen waterfall is another option for those who want to relax, enjoy the nature, listen to the sound of the streams, play in the water, or have a picnic with the family.

It is quite crowded during the weekends or holidays, so if you need a peaceful atmosphere, you should visit on weekdays. There is a parking area provided but not very large. During the high season, traffic is quite jammed.

Namtok Dong Phayayen
Location: Muak Lek, Muak Lek District, Saraburi 30320 Thailand

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