Mr Whisky Jungle Trek : Chiang Mai, Thailand

Remote the Khun YaumMae Hong Sorn area site at the foot of the Himalayan chain. Hundreds of kilometers from the normal trekking locations. It is impossible to access without the 4wd vehicles we use to make you there off road.

Study the local ecosystem. The knowledge of our quide is unrivalled – you will learn how to survive in the jungle by make traps and the be taught much about the wildlife you encounter. And atudy about Thailand’s ecosystem plants, insects, etc.

Participate in hill tribe life. You will take and active role in the day to day life of the hill tribe’s people. The villages where we take you. have no facilities at all. You will be able to see the real ways of life.

Mr Whisky Jungle Trek
Address: 160/3 , Ratchamankha Road , Phrasing , Maung Chiang mai , Chiang mai 50200, Thailand.
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