Marcopolo Travels & Tours : Yangon, Myanmar

Marcopolo Travels & Tours is a small holiday company in Myanmar , dedicated for the travellers looking for more from their holiday than just a brief stay. We are group of interesting people who founded Marco Polo out of a deep love for destinations, cultures, landscapes and wildlife. We offer a far richer experience because we are based on a knowledge, expertise and passion for people and places that is then infused into every itinerary and experience .

We committed to being transparent and evidence-based about how we are seeking to increase the benefits of tourism to local people and places, in an effort to eliminate the greenwashing that had undermined ecotourism.

Our idea is really quite simple: treat local people and places well, and they’ll often offer you experiences and insights into their ways of life that you wouldn’t otherwise get. You enjoy a more authentic experience and they benefit from jobs, income and ways to preserve their culture, environments and heritage. This is how we think tourism should be, and we call it Responsible Travel.

Marcopolo Travels & Tours
Address: No.(87), 4th floor (Left) Insein Main Road, Sanyeiknyein, Kamaryut, Yangon, Myanmar.
Phone : 0095-9-73097578 , 0095-9-49240231 , 0095-9-420061500, 0095-9-425323753 Fax : 0095-1-532467
Hot Line : 0095-9-73037255, 0095-9-5019735
Email : Website :

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