Mango Tree Place Hideaway : Penang, Malaysia

Mango Tree Place Hideaway is located along Lebuh Pantai (Beach street), which was once a coastal road steps away from the beach. Through mid 19th century land reclamation between 1880 and 1904, George Town and the colonial Beach Street was born. Both shophouses were once thriving sundry shops more than half a century ago along the bustling beach street. Over the years of neglect they were dilapidated, soon abandoned and forgotten until the year 2011.

Through years of rebuilding effort, Hideaway was born. They were conceived with the belief and love for stylish urban heritage spaces. Designed and planned around two interior courtyards, the building is punctuated with inner open spaces that breathe and welcomes the subtlety of natural light. The rooms are not just walls and windows with a view. They are planned to have a sequence of spaces with a natural inward orientation that induces calm and tranquility while still maintaining a strong connection to nature – sunlight, sky, greenery and rain.

Mango Tree Place Hideaway
Address: 494 & 496 Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street) George Town, Malaysia

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