Maetaeng Elephant Park : Chiang Mai, Thailand

The MaeTaeng Elephant Park & Free elephant clinic has been pivotal in the care and welfare of all the elephants in the MaeTaeng area. In the past when one of the herd falls ill the park relied soley on the Government Elephant hospital in Lampang.

This is a 3hr journey by truck which can lead to more stress to the elephant. The veterinary team from Lampang Elephant Hospital works closely with MaeTaeng Elephant Parks veterinary team as well as veterinary students from the university’s.

The elephant park is constantly changing and discovering different and unique ways to better increase the care and welfare and long term sustainability for the Asian Elephant in Thailand.

Maetaeng Elephant Park
Address: 99/1 Moo. 2 Kued Chang, MaeTaeng, Chiang Mai 50150 Thailand
Tel: +66-81-594-1110 or +66-89-755-5451
E-mail: Website:

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