Mae Sariang Museum : Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Mae Sariang Museum is noted for its ornate Burmese roof and is landmark in Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son Province. The museum entrance faces the main highway intersection while behind it is an organic market and many local shops. The building contains some interesting information about the indigenous hilltribe peoples and immigrants that have lived there for hundreds of years.

The exhibits consist of some everyday items, costumes, vintage black and white photos, and lifesize dioramas of the Lawa, Karen and other hilltribes as well as the Pakistani, Burmese and Chinese that peacefully have been co-existing in this area. There are no English explanations of the exhibits, but you can get an idea because of the way they are presented.

Mae Sariang Museum
Location: Mae Sariang, Mae Sariang District, Mae Hong Son 58110 Thailand

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