Mae Ping National Park : Chiang Mai / Lamphun / Tak, Thailand

Mae Ping National Park is at the southern end of the Thanon Thong Chai Range, in Lamphun, Tak, and Chiang Mai Provinces in northern Thailand. Established in 1981, it is an IUCN Category II protected area measuring 1,003.75 square kilometres.

Mae Ping National Park covers Doi Tao District, Chiang Mai province; Li District, Lamphun Province; and Sam Ngao District, Tak Province. It is fertile forest, which riches of plants and animals. At 1,003.75 km2, the rugged mountain range and rivers made fantastic scenic, especially the upper part of Bhumipol Dam that suit for recreation.

General topography is steeply mountain range with average high of 900 meters above sea level. There are many stream headwaters along the hill for example Huai Mae Had, Huai Mae Ko, Huai Pong Ka, Huai Muang, Huai Khun Maen and Huai Krai. All are branches of Mae Ping River.

The lake area covers Doi Tao District, Chiang Mai. Water flow southward to Bhumipol Dam in Amphur Sam Ngao, Tak for 150 kilometers. The widest point, with 6 kilometers is called “Bo Lom” and “Hauy Phra Bat”.

Mae Ping National Park
Address: Mae Lan, Li District, Lamphun 51110 Thailand

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