Mae Ngao National Park : Mae Hong Son / Tak, Thailand

High terrain and full of beautiful peaks, with the canals across the area. One of them is stunning Mae Nam Ngao. Mae Ngao National Park is a small National Park with 256,650 Rai area or approximately 412 km2 in Mae Sariang and Sob Mei district is Mae Hong Son, also Tha Song Yang district in Tak. The forest is in mixed conditions and serves as the beginning of many rivers. The terrain is high mountains with many peaks, for example, Doi Kui Luang which is the highest one with 1,678 meter height above sea level.

There is one river called Mae Nam Ngao that located across the park. The name derived from the characteristic of this river which is so clear it creates the reflection – or ‘Ngao’. Highlighted activities including rafting along Mae Nam Ngao or riding a long-tail boat and sightseeing Kariang village, which can be best visited in June until January of each year, walking along natural teak forest that is hard to be found, enjoy many waterfalls in the area, trekking to the top of Doi Pui, 1,000m high from sea level and Doi Pui Luang, 1,600-1,700m from sea level, suitable for adventurous travelers and visit Tham Pla, the caves with fish inside. The park has accommodations such as shelters and camping area, also a restaurant.

Mae Ngao National Park
Location: Mae Suat, Sop Moei District, Mae Hong Son 58110 Thailand

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