Mae La Noi Royal Project : Mae Hong Son, Thailand

The Mae La Noi Royal Project is an agricultural tourist attraction in Mae La Noi, Huay Hom District, Mae Hong Son, Thailand. Together with the location of the Border Patrol Police School (Somdet Ya, was established on behalf of the Siriraj Hospital Alumni Association in 1973) which is the center for the development of education for local youth. With a responsibility area of 91.75 square kilometers or 57,368 rai, covering 14 villages, consisting of Karen and Lua tribes for following activities;

Agro-tourism – Watch Arabica coffee plots. Along with tasting freshly brewed coffee, quality products from Ban Huay Hom Coffee plantations that have received GAP certification from the Department of Agriculture Send to the Royal Project and Starbucks. View the beautiful view of the rice terraces. On the way before reaching the weaving center of Huay Hom Housewife Group There are both woven fabrics and fleece. And woven cotton wool fabric mixed with natural dyes.

Cultural tourism – See culture and traditions of village worship. Organized during the month of June every year, the ritual sacrifice for the gods for agriculture yields good results. Will start from planting to harvesting, calling for morale and tying thread This ceremony was performed on many occasions, such as the New Year, the wedding, the acceptance of the newborn child.

Natural Tourism – Thirachan Waterfall Medium-sized waterfall, 3 floors, distance from the center 6 kilometers. Waterfalls in Ban Dong Mai district, 5 floors high, the way is quite difficult, so should contact the staff before the Thale Lorle waterfall, 5 floors, distance from the center 15 kilometers, walk further. 3 kilometers, suitable for walking to see the nature of wild plants.

Souvenirs – fresh coffee beans, folk handicrafts products such as woven fabrics from cotton, woven fabrics, fleece, weave machinery, etc.

Accommodation & Restaurants – 2 houses within the center, certified after 20 people, no food service in the center But if it comes as a group, the service is provided for the price as agreed Have a tent And 3-4 person tent service with sleeping bag. If bring your own tent, charge 30 baht / day / night.

Ban Huay Hom Homestay, 5 units, can accommodate about 20 people. The rate is 100 baht per person, 50 baht for each meal, and there are local guides to visit around the village 100 baht per time. 080-791-4107 Recommendation menu Rotten bean paste.

Travel: From the Chieng mai town, take Highway 108, Chiang Mai-Mae Hong Son route. Through Mae Sariang Head to Mae La Noi District, reach Km. 132, turn right and follow Route 1266 up the hill for another 30 kilometers.

Mae La Noi Royal Project Development Center
Location: 105 Moo5 Baan Dong, Huay HomSub-district, Mae La Noi District, Mae Hong Son 58120 Thailand

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