Laut Tawar Lake : Aceh, Indonesia

Danau Laut Tawar or Fresh Sea Lake is a lake that located in the Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh District, Aceh, Indonesia. At western side of the lake there is Takengon, which is also the capital of Central Aceh district.

The name Laut Tawar or Fresh Sea taken because of the vast area that this lake has, and it has fresh water in it. The existence of Laut Tawar Lake for local inhabitants is used for the water resourcement for the entire needs, with other is about tourism destination.

The panorama around the lake that flanked by two hills presents the beauty of its own for those who visit this place. This lake is also has a fish species that only exists here, that is fish Depik or Rasbora Tawarensis. It has shaped like a fish with slender body as big as human thumb, and it sparkling white flaky and it taste savory.

Laut Tawar Lake
Address: Aceh, Indonesia

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