Lanna Traditional House Museum : Chiang Mai, Thailand

Lanna Traditional House Museum located in the Office of Arts and Culture Promotion, Chiang Mai University which has conserved Lanna Traditional House and organized in the form of the Lanna Traditional House Museum as a place to study the architecture and way of life of Lanna and is a cultural attraction of Chiang Mai.

At present, there are 8 Lanna Traditional House and 4 Lanna rice barns.
1. Colonoal House – Heuan Lung Que 2. House of Chiang Mai Townsfolk – Heaun Phaya Pong Lang Ka 3. Kalae House – Heaun Oui Paad 4. Kalae House-Heaun Phaya Wong 5. Northern Thai House – Heaun Oui Kaew 6. Tai-Lue House-Heaun Mon Tood or Heaun Oui Tood 7. Mae Taeng Folk House 8. Pan-Ya House – Heaun Anusarn Sunthorn. 4 Lanna rice barns, namely, Rice Granary or Long Khao Laohawat ,Rice Granary or Long Khao Sarapee , Rice Granary or Long Khao , Rice Granary or Long Khao Pasang (Nandakwang).

In addition, Lanna Traditional House Museum also provide rental services space for organizing cultural activities. Contact for rental space. 053-943-626 Management: Educational institutions, museum types: lifestyle, culture, traditions, wisdom and religion. Virtual museum.

Open Mon. – Sun. 08.30 am. – 04.30 pm. (Closed on Public Holidays)

Lanna Traditional House Museum
Location: 239 Huay Kaew Road, Muang District, Chiang Mai Thailand, 50200
Phone: +66 5394 3626 Website:

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