Laem Pakarang : Phang Nga, Thailand

Laem Pakarang (Laem Hua Krung Yai), in Phang Nga province, consists of an undeveloped sandy beach and spit with dead coral flats and mud that are exposed at low tide. Casuarina pine and palm trees line the beach and inland there are coconut plantations, lagoons and scrubland, making this a peaceful and scenic place with few visitors even though there are large numbers of tourists nearby at Khao Lak.

Laem Pakarang is famous for its peacefulness and beautiful scenery. Here, tourists can overlook Pak Weep Beach and Bang Sak Beach on the north as well as Khuk Khak Beach and the peninsula where Khao Lak–Lam Ru National Park office is located which is approximately 10 kilometers away. Surrounding the peninsula are good viewpoints for birdwatching where many birds living on the south of the beaches, near Khuk Khak Beach, can be seen.

To get to there, at the intersection leading to the peninsula on Highway No. 4, take the route and proceed for 5 kilometers. On the south of Laem Pakarang is Khuk Khak Beach. The outstanding feature of this peninsula is that it points to the northwest. The two sides of the peninsula, which are over hundreds meters in length, are beaches made up of remains of coral reef, stretching down towards the sea and encircling the tip of the peninsula. The place was once a large area of vivid and lush coral reef until they were destroyed by storm. On the north of the beaches is a small area of pine groves.

Laem Pakarang (Laem Hua Krung Yai)
Location: Phet Kasem Road; Khuek Khak, Takua Pa District, Phang Nga 82190 Thailand

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