Krasiao Dam : Suphan Buri, Thailand

The period of sunset ,short period of time that is meaningful for travelers, is the beauty that many people are waiting for. Kra Siao Dam is the place where you can see the most beautiful scenario of sunset in Suphan Buri. Especially in winter, the time when you can see the sunlight have gradually changed, see the sun move slowly down to the top of the mountain, see the shadow reflect on the water and feel the cold atmosphere is the meaningful moment that we can truly enjoy nature. Moreover, there is a place for tent in winter around the dam.

Kra Siao Dam was built in B.E.2523. It is the earth dam built to restore water from Kra Siao Stream. Its length is 4,250 metre. It height is 32.5 metre. The area to restore water is 28,750 rai. The capacity of the dam is 240 million cubic metre. It is the longest earth dam in Thailand and a large breeding ground. It is also a tourist attraction that has beautiful scenario. In the afternoon, the weather is hot. However, the weather in the evening is very nice especially the tent site near the dam.

If tourists want to enjoy the scenario, you have to walk from a parking lot up to a stair. When you go up, you will be able to see Phu Toei Mountain from here. There is also a restaurant near the parking lot. If tourists want to go camping here, you will see the intersection before the entrance of the dam. There is a road on your right side that has a sign “Phae Kra Siao“. You have to drive to this way for around 1 km. Then, turn left about 200 metre and you will see tent site. Another interesting tent site is on the west of the dam. This site is called “Phae Chao Kuan”. It is very natural here and is a proper place for tourists who do not focus on comfort. If you want to come here, you have to go to Nong Pur district. The entrance is on you right side. If you want to stay comfortably, you can choose the resorts that are located in the district such as Dan Chang Camping House Resort. Tourist Information Center in Amphoe Dan Chang can give you a lot of information around here.

Krasiao Dam
Location: Dan Chang, Dan Chang District, Suphan Buri 72180 Thailand

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