Kon Ka Kinh National Park : Gia Lai, Vietnam

Kon Ka Kinh National Park is located on the Kon Tum Plateau, in the areas of districts Mang Yang, KBang, and Dak Doa of Gia Lai Province. The center of the park is situated in the Commune of Ayun, Mang Yang district, northeast of Gia Lai Province.

With the purpose of preserving subtropical forest in the high mountains with species of gymnosperm, Kon Ka Kinh National Park was one of four national parks in Vietnam, together with three other national parks in Vietnam: Ba Be, Chu Mom Ray and Hoang Lien), also one of 27 national parks in ASEAN was listed on ASEAN Heritage Park.

Kon Ka Kinh National Park is a priority zone for the protection of biodiversity of Vietnam as well as ASEAN.

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