Kon Cha Rang Nature Reserve : Gia Lai, Vietnam

The topography of the Kon Cha Rang Nature Reserve is dominated by a montane plateau. The highest point is Mount Kon Cha Rang at 1,452 m. A number of other summits attain altitudes greater than 1,000 m in the northern part of the nature reserve, and the lowest point at the site is 800 m.

Kon Cha Rang Nature Reserve is located within the catchment of the Kon river. Numerous streams originate from within the boundaries of the nature reserve and feed this river, which flows through An Khe and Tay Son districts before emptying into the sea at Quy Nhon town.

The lower Kon river is dammed at more than one location for the purposes of generating hydroelectricity for Binh Dinh province. The upper Kon river, within the nature reserve, has a number of waterfalls along its route, the most famous and tallest of which is 50 m high.

Kon Cha Rang Nature Reserve
Location: Gia Lai, Vietnam

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