Koh Surin Tai : Phang Nga, Thailand

Koh Surin Tai is the second largest island of Surin Archipelago. Practically attached to its bigger sister in the period of low tide, the entire island is off limits for visitors, apart from its Moken village, due to strict wildlife conservation rules to protect the ecosystem. Nevertheless, the island offers several diving and snorkelling spots around it, often used by visitors with daily trips. Turtle Ridge is a long beautiful sloping coral reef on the southeast side of the island. With a depth comprised between 5 and 20 metres, it is a great dive site with good chances of spotting Hawkbill and Green Sea Turtles.

Pak Kaad is a rocky bay with a beautiful reef ideal for snorkelling. Located in the south side of the island, it offers frequent sightings of Barracudas, Titan Triggerfish, Emperor Angelfishes, Butterflyfish, Unicornfish, Pufferfish and many other reef fish. Suthep Bay is situated on northwest of the island, the bay has Thailand’s first underwater snorkelling trail marked with signs. Tao Bay located on southeast of island is one of most popular spots among the snorkellers but also ideal for scuba diving. Ao Bon is located on east side of Koh Surin Tai and it is inhabited by another small community of Moken sea gypsies.

Koh Surin Tai
Location: Mu Koh Surin National Park, Khura Buri, Phang Nga 82150 Thailand

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