Koh Samae San : Chonburi, Thailand

Koh Samae San has a length of four kilometres and its maximum width is about one kilometre. The island is thickly wooded and uninhabited. Formerly there was a fishing village on Samae San Island, but it was vacated and the island now is under the control of the Royal Thai Navy. Some 1,240 families reside in the fishing village of Ban Samae-San on the mainland. Administratively the islands belong to the Samae San Sub-district of Sattahip.

On Koh Samae San, there are two beaches where you can swim and dive: Haad Tien and Luk Lom Beach. Haad Tien is the beach where the harbor is located, while Luklom Beach is on the other side of the island. The free shuttle between the two islands takes less than 5 minutes. Luklom Beach is the island’s most beautiful beach. The white sand and clear blue waters. There is a view point overlooking the sea in the corner.

If you are one tired of a long journey, Koh Samae San is not the problem. It just takes about 30 minutes. Koh Samea San is an island in Amphur Sattahip, Chonburi province. Getting there doesn’t take a very long time because the island is not too far from Bangkok. Koh Samae San is under the control of the Royal Thai Navy. Visitors can only have a one-day trip but cannot stay overnight. However, they can stay at the resorts near the pier.

Koh Samae San
Address: Sattahip District, Chonburi 20180 Thailand

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