Koh Miang : Phang Nga, Thailand

Koh Miang is the second largest island among Similan Archipelago. On it is located the Headquarters of National Park. As its bigger sister Koh Similan, the western coast of Koh Miang is dotted by huge granite formations which plunge dramatically into the deep ocean.

The eastern side is characterized by a gentle slope with beautiful coral reefs interspersed by numerous sandbanks dotted with boulders. Honeymoon and Princess are the most beautiful beaches of Koh Miang. Both beaches are located along the northeast coast and they are a twenty minutes walking distance from each other. Princess Beach is the shortest and narrow. Situated in the homonymous bay on the east coast, the pristine beach is constituted by white sand surrounded by turquoise waters and lush tropical vegetation behind.

On the northernmost tip of island is Honeymoon Beach, the largest of island and one of most beautiful of all Park. It is a long stretch of white sand soft as talcum surrounded by the crystal waters of stunning Hide Away Bay. The huge bay among Koh Miang and Koh Ha is protected from three directions making it the safest anchor place in the entire archipelago. The whole bay area is a large reef with different characteristics. The northern section in front of Honeymoon Beach is made of a gentle sandy slope dotted with granite stones which further away it becomes a barrier reef of medium depth, while the southern part in front of Koh Ha is characterized by large granite boulders and it is deeper. The coral reef in the northern area starts from 6 metres below sea, so even snorkellers can swim among large shoals of tropical fish and beautiful coral gardens.

Koh Miang
Location: Lum Kaen, Thai Mueang, Phang Nga 82210 Thailand

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