Koh Mattra : Chumphon, Thailand

Koh Mattra is one of the popular islands for men and women, children and adults. During March-May, a wooden pier at Chumphon Islands National Park is available for travelers to enjoy walking along the beach and skin diving.

Koh Mattra is one of the shallow water corals and beautiful anemone. It is different from other islands is that it is a breeding center for giant clams. Travelers can enjoy diving as well as resting on the island. Lodgings are available as tents for camping and wooden bungalows for relaxing.

Koh Mattra or Koh Sumattra or the local name “Koh Tung Guay”, is a large island under Chumphon Islands National Park Conservation. In high season, touring boats will enter the island at the wooden bridge. The fee for entering the National Park is 20 baht/person. A 60-kilometer stretch of the sand-rock beach in front of the island and the emerald clear water is alluring for relaxation.

The cape in front of the island is the coral reef line, perfect for a skin diving. It is also where villagers breed their giant clams as well. Skin divers can enjoy coral reefs, aneomone and giant clams. Koh Mattra is abundant with fish around the island because of the underwater reefs. Travelers can hire fishing roads from restaurants and Uncle Khao for a fishing sport.

How to get there: Travelers can hire a long-tailed boat to visit Koh Mattra. Most travelers enjoy taking a one-day trip on a skin diving at Koh Mattra. Koh Lawa and Koh Lang Ka Jiew.

Koh Mattra
Location: Hat Sai Ri, Chumphon 86000 Thailand

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