Koh Loy Sriracha : Chonburi, Thailand

Koh Loy Sriracha is a small island located 500 meters away from the coastline. It is a famous relaxation place for Sriracha local people and tourists also a main ferry port to Koh Sri Chang –famous place of Sri Racha. Moreover, there is also “Koh Loy Sri Maharacha Temple” for local people and tourists to worship.

The temple located at the very top of the Island with beautiful panoramic scenery especially during the sun dawn. There are also a small sea turtle pond for children to observe.

Located on Tessabaan road, Sri racha District. It is a small island near the Sri Racha Coastline consists of a connecting bridge between the island and the land. There are a public park, sea turtle observation pond surrounding by greenery atmosphere within the 3 acre areas. There is a little slope at the south side of the island which is the location of the temple. It is the perfect place for relaxation, sightseeing and the main port for crossing over to Koh Srichang.

Koh Loy Sriracha
Address: Si Racha District, Chon Buri 20110 Thailand

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