Koh Lawa Yai : Phang Nga, Thailand

Just northeast of Phuket is the small island of Koh Lawa Yai. It has a couple of nice little beaches and you can easily walk around the island. The island is just within Phang Nga Bay National Park although it is distinctly different to the other islands in the park as it is a granite based island.

Some of the Phang Nga tour boats include this island on their itinerary. If you make your own way there, you may be charged a 200-baht national park entrance fee. There is no community or fresh water source. The island is a limestone island with reefs on all sides, so beaches appear only when sea level falls. The Highlight of Ko Lawa is its beautiful diving site. A lot of tourists like to rent a boat for a diving trip. Scuba diving is allowed in the front area of the island. Buoys are available opposite to the beach. Tourist can admire different types of coral and some sea anemones. The island is indeed a must-visit for both professional and amateur divers.

White sandy beaches alternate with quaint rocky beaches, which are rich in biodiversity. Most of the area is abundant evergreen forest and the sea area is a source of coral, shallow water and large sea grass, which is rich in marine animals and is suitable for nature walks. It is also ideal for sunrise and sunset.

It’s a peaceful tropical island where you can easily walk around the island on the beaches, good for swimming, kayaking and this site is good for snorkelers and shallow-water scuba diving, many reefs are shallow and close to shore. Ko Lawa Yai is definitely different to the other islands as it is a granite based island.

Koh Lawa Yai
Location: Khlong Khian, Takua Thung, Phang Nga 82130 Thailand

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