Koh Lawa : Chumphon, Thailand

Koh Lawa is located on the east of Ao Tung Makham Noi, around eight kilometers from the shore. The medium-sized island is in the area of Mu Koh Chumphon National Park. Around the island are reefs and high cliffs. There is no community or fresh water source. The island is a limestone island with reefs on all sides, so beaches appear only when sea level falls. The Highlight of Koh Lawa is its beautiful diving site. A lot of tourists like to rent a boat for a diving trip. Scuba diving is allowed in the front area of the island. Buoys are available opposite to the beach. Tourist can admire different types of coral and some sea anemones. The island is indeed a must-visit for both professional and amateur divers.

Mu Koh Chumphon National Park is another outstanding marine attraction suitable for sea and diving lovers. There are over 40 islands spreading around the park, each of which contains different natural wonders; some have exquisite white beaches and some are limestone islands with extraordinary shapes which are worth seeing. The islands are also surrounded with fertile coral reefs. There are seven to eight islands popular for diving, such as Koh Ngam Yai, Ko Ngam Noi and Ko Talu. Chumphon Sea is beautiful and great for both shallow and deep water dives. It is a must-visit diving site for divers for its abundant marine resources like various schools of fish, black corals and vast, endless anemone assemblage.

There are also some whale sharks visiting each summer, especially in April. The office of Mu Ko Chumphon National Park is located in the middle of a mangrove forest. It connects to a tourist information center with a long, extending wooden bridge. There are also nature excursion routes lying along a canal into the mangrove forest. There are several route options which are great for learning about flora and fauna in a mangrove forest. Tags explaining species of plants are available all along the routes. The forest is so called the first ‘talking forest’ in Thailand.

Koh Lawa
Location: Hat Sai Ri, Mueang Chumphon, Chumphon 86120 Thailand

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