Koh Khai : Chumphon, Thailand

Koh Khai has a unique feature which is different from many other islands. It is actually a “coral graveyard”, which takes the form of a white sand dune and is as white as an egg. A large amount of dead corals has been gathering on this dune island since Typhoon Gay hit Chumphon in 1989. As time passes, rainwater changes the color of the dead corals to white, creating the natural beauty of this unique island.

Koh Khai is a peaceful sanctuary surrounded by coral reefs and home to a dense jungle. There are plenty of activities that await you, including snorkeling in the coral reef among hundreds of colorful fish, and participating in a fun beach volleyball tournament while the sun sets in the background.

Koh Khai (Egg Island)
Location: Chum Kho, Pathio District, Chumphon 86160 Thailand

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