Koh Bu Lon : Satun, Thailand

Koh Bu Lon is about 22 kilometers from Pak Bara Pier, La ngu District, Satun Province. It is the responsibility of the Petra island National Park. There are 8 islands: Koh Bu Lon, Koh Tongu, Koh Lama, Koh Ayam, Koh Rung Nok and Koh Lukhin. The word Bu Lon derived from Malay word “Buloh” means “bamboo” due to the abundance of bamboo on the island, the name of the island.

Koh Bu Lon is an island with white sandy beach overlooking the coral underwater. Koh Bu Lon Le or Koh Bu Lon Yai is a beautiful white sand beach. As long as the north and south wall protection. Can cover the wind well. There are many snorkelling and scuba diving spots, such as Koh Yai and Hin Khao. At night, the beach is full of crabs, windsurfing and watching the sunset. Koh Bu Lon Le’s notable bay is located on the east side of the island. White Sand Beach Stretch out straight in the emerald waters. The low slope is good for swimming. The beach is beautiful with grass. Suitable for camping Beach tent Morning can also enjoy the sun on the beach.

Bu Lon Island consists of not less than 8 islands, such as Bu Lon le, Bu Lon Don, Bu Lon Mai Pai. Boon Lon is part of the Petra Islands national park. The center of the island is Bu lon le. There are many private resorts. The campsite is a beautiful beach resort. There are walking trails around the island. The beach on the west side is a beautiful sunset. There are snorkelling spots and scuba diving spots, such as Koh Ayam and Koh Hin Khao. There are crabs on the beach in the night time.

Ko Bulon Le
Address: Pak Nam, La-ngu District, Satun 91110 Thailand

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