Khun Korn Waterfall Forest Park : Chiang Rai, Thailand

Khun Korn Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Chiang Rai with a stream about 70 meters in height, located in Mae Rai, Muang District, Chiang Rai. It is one of the most famous natural attractions in Chiang Rai. The area is surrounded by mountains with the height of 700-1500 meters above the sea level. It takes about 30 minutes from Chiangrai. When getting off the car, you will suddenly feel the cool and shady atmosphere of the nature.

There are also Phi Sua Waterfall (butterfly), which is home to many butterflies and Huai Lao Aai Waterfall with abundant nature. Along the way to the waterfall, You will see a lot of plants and many large trees such as groundcover, orchids, and ferns with sounds of streams, birds, and insects, enhancing the atmosphere to be more natural. For nature lovers, Khun Korn Waterfall provided nature trails with interesting attractions along the way, such as rare orchids, forest borders, and the upstream. There are also camping areas and small shops selling food and goods open from morning to evening.

Khun Korn Waterfall Forest Park
Location: Highway 1208 ,Mae Kon, Mueang Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai 57000 Thailand

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