Khun Chae National Park : Chiang Rai, Thailand

Khun Chae National Park is located 1 hours drive northeast of Chiang Mai, on the road to Chiang Rai. It’s vegetation ranges depending on the elevation: from 300 to 800 meters, the forest is composed of bamboo and deciduous trees and from 800 to 1,000 meters, the forest is mixed evergreen and pine. The streams bottoms are often sur­rounded by lush evergreen trees, wild bananas, ferns, moss and herbaceous vegetation.

Khun Chae National Park is not a well known destination amongst tourists, yet it is a great place to go as it offers nature trails and cold weather all year long.

Khun Chae National Park is established in 1995. The park is consisting of various wildlife and natural sight-seeing. Mae Tho Waterfalls is a 7 steps waterfalls, it takes about 2 hours to explore all 7 steps. Khun Jae Waterfall receives its name according to the park itself. Khun Jae Waterfalls is a 6 step waterfalls, near the waterfall there is an area where you can do some picnic. Doi Mod has a vast variety of wild plants. The area is covered in rainforest. Doi Lanka is the 5th highest mountain in Thailand.

Activity offer is to travel in the jungle, a guide is require and you must bring your own sleeping bag and other necessities. The most suitable time to visit this National Park is November-March. The national park is full with wild animals and fertile jungle.

Khun Chae National Park
Location: 118, Mae Chedi Mai, Wiang Pa Pao District, Chiang Rai 57260 Thailand

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