Khao Rang : Phuket, Thailand

Khao Rang (Rang Hill) is one of Phuket’s most famous viewpoints. Located to the northwest of the city centre, its summit offers views out over the town, to the south of the island, neighbouring islands and along the hills forming the spine of the island, upon which sits the impressive Big Buddha.

Rang Hill has two main roads leading up: One from Yaowarat Road by Vachira Hospital and the other from the east-west connecting Mae Luan Road. Along Soi Vachira, leading from the hospital, you’ll come across Phuket’s first sitting Buddha, a large golden image in Wat Khao Rang. On the way up to the summit on this approach lies a slightly overrun (but usable) exercise park where students like to gather after classes. From the southern Mae Luan approach, Soi Chimbi passes a small Thai Temple with a white Chedi on the right, and a Chinese temple on the left. Both roads leading up the hill are a good workout if you decide to walk but they’re shady and quite cool, as is the crest of the hill. At the summit you’ll find three restaurants featuring spectacular views of the city and a comfortable, grassy spot for picnickers with a bronze statue of the forward-thinking Governor of Phuket during King Rama V’s reign, Ratsada Korsimbi Na Ranong.

The restaurants each have their own particular charm. Tung Ka Café is reached by steps made of disused railway sleepers and serves western and Thai food with a fair wine selection while Phuket View Restaurant is more spacious and has almost the same views but Khao Rang Breeze doesn’t quite have the edge when it comes to being a viewpoint. These places are breezy and agreeable but it’s at nighttime that they really shine as when the lights of Phuket turn on and twinkle below, Rang Hill is most definitely a romantic place to be.

Khao Rang (Rang Hill)
Location: Ratsada, Mueang Phuket, Phuket 83000 Thailand

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