Khao Phra Phutthabat Noi : Saraburi, Thailand

Khao Phra Phutthabat Noi is located in Phra Phutthabat Noi Temple at Songkorn sub-district featuring undulating steep limestone mountains comprising of many pointed summits. At these summits, endemic species including limestone wren-babblers and Sumatran serows which are called Indra’s horse by the locals can be viewed. The latter live in Tham Sam Khao.

Inside lies a replica of the Buddha’s footprint with 1 cubit wide and 3 cubits long. It is an ancient and sacred Buddha’s footprint. The footprints were created when Buddha gazed intently at the rock and turned it into water. Then he puts his footprints there. He could make it in various sizes. This powerful footprint represents his power which he knew later the place would become an important religious location. Inside, there is always running water.

To worship Buddha’s footprints even with one single flower, the doer will receive merits in celestial world. Those who pay homage to the footprints by constructing, writing, praying and listening with good intention, the bad and dangerous things will be casted away. They will escape from the karmas that they have done; in other words, they reach nirvana.

The cliff at Phra Phutthabat Noi Temple is quite steep; therefore, it is perfect for amateurs who love climbing. As for those who do not wish to join this activity, they can do the swing while viewing the Pa Sak River scene and the whole Saraburi view.

Khao Phra Phutthabat Noi
Location: Song Khon, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi 18110 Thailand

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