Khao Chaison Hot Well Cool Stream : Phatthalung, Thailand

Hot Spring and Than Nam Yen in Khao Chaison District, Phattalung Province were formed naturally. Local people believe that they are holy wells that help cure some illnesses. Khao Chaison Hot Spring is located at village no.3, Khao Chai Son Sub District, Khao Chai Son District, Phatthalung Province.

With temperature of 60 Degrees Celsius, this hot spring is suitable for healthy bathing. A number of tourists visit here every day as well as during the holiday season. There are public zones for foot or hand hot water soaking. Private rooms for either family or overnight stays are available as well.

Moreover, customers can relax with a foot massage and enjoy the natural atmosphere of Khao Chaison Hot Spring. Nearby are temples, local OTOP products shops, and monkeys that are ready to welcome visitors. Do not forget to visit the hot spring if you come to Phatthalung.

Khao Chaison Hot Well and Cool Stream
Location: Moo 3 Khao Chaison, Khao Chaison, Phatthalung 93130 Thailand

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