Khakaborazi National Park : Kachin State, Myanmar

Khakaborazi National Park is a national park of Burma. It is located in Naungmung Township in Kachin State. It occupies an area of 3,810 square kilometres and was established in 1996. It surrounds Hkakabo Razi, the highest peak in Burma.

In the foothills of the Himalayas in northern Putao situate Mt. Khkakabo Razi, the highest snow-capped mountain in South East Asia. Towering at 19361 ft, 5889 meter is a very important watershed area for the eastern Ayeyarwady river (Nmaihka).

Locally known as Ahtanbum meaning mysterious Sprit abode, thus no one dare venture it in centuries. The flagship trek of the area lies more than 440 kilometers away from nearest airstrip which takes nearly 6 weeks to complete. Like the main Himalayas, these mountains are heavily affected by the monsoon. Khkakabo Razi is certainly not a walkup. Huge cliffs, hanging glaciers with large crevasses, and corniches, makes it a mountain not to be toyed with.

The approach to the mountain is a major obstacle: Streams have to cross over instable bridges, over huge gorges. For the most part, journeys are made on foot along footpaths that hug the mountainsides and wind through dense jungle undergrowth. This is a place of pristine beauty, exotic cultures and some of the most radical topography on earth.Kha Yon Cave is situated by the road en route from Mawlamyaing to Hpa An. The Buddha images and the wall painting are main attractions for the local pilgrims.

Khakaborazi National Park
Location: Nogmung Township, Kachin State, Myanmar (Burma)

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