Katieng Waterfall : Ratanakiri, Cambodia

Katieng Waterfall is in the middle of lush forest at the Lbang I commune, Lumpart district, 7 kilometers south-west of Banlung Town. The name of Ka Tieng is originally got from Kreung hill tribe in Ka Kieng village. The waterfall is about 10 meters high, which is flows and falls throughout the year. Visitors will feel release with the huge clear waterfall and a beautiful natural landscape around the area. Around the waterfall, there is forest full of big and small trees projecting the cool shadow suitable for resting, viewing the water falling down and having picnic here.

The Katieng Waterfall, Ratanakiri is one of the less visited waterfalls in the area. You can enjoy some wonderful time if you combine your visit to this waterfall with an elephant ride. Elephant rides are available from the elephant village of Phume Kateung, north of the falls.

You can also see the Katieng Waterfall, Ratanakiri from flights, if you are lucky. When the plane is landing or taking off, watch out for the falls. Elephant rides to this falls are available for an hour and a half. These can be organized by the lodges you are staying in.

Katieng Waterfall
Location: Ratanakiri, Cambodia

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