Istana Maziah : Terengganu, Malaysia

Istana Maziah is the official palace of the Sultan of Terengganu. It is located at the foot of Bukit Puteri in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia. The palace is the official venue for important functions such as royal birthdays, weddings, conferment of titles and receptions for local and foreign dignitaries.

The palace stands at a height of 2 storeys and is noticeably coffee brown in colour. It is a blend of modern and traditional architecture with its tall shuttered windows that resembles a French chateau.

About 20 Malay and Chinese workers who were skilled in art, wood craft and carpentry were involved in the building of Istana Maziah. Its early foundations were built from a mixture of chalk, clay, sand salts, egg whites, lime and honey.

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