Hub Kao Wong Reservoir : Suphan Buri, Thailand

Hub Kao Wong Reservoir is a new tourist attraction that had just been launched in December 2015. Known to the locals as Pang Oung, Hub Kao Wong Reservoir provides the opportunity for visitors to enjoy the nature. Hub Kao Wong Reservoir is located in Daan Chang District, Suphanburi province. The Reservoir itself is measured approximately at around 85 rai, with the surrounding areas being farmlands, plantations, and small hills. Due to its geographical location, Hub Kao Wong Reservoir has cool temperature all year round. However, during cold season, the temperature can be even cooler than usual.

Hub Kao Wong Reservoir provides the opportunity for visitors to live with (and in) the nature. There is no electricity; the only sources of light are from lamps or campfires. Furthermore, there are no telephone signals. Visitors must bear in mind the rules of the Reservoir and must make sure not to endanger the local environment. In terms of Accommodation, visitors can bring their own tents, for authentic camping activities, or stay on the boathouses/rafts available, for a unique and unforgettable lodging experience.

The Reservoir is open for visit from the 1st of April until 12th of August every year. The Reservoir is only open during this period for nature conservatory efforts. During this period, the Reservoir is open for visit from 0600 until 1800, except for those who wish the stay for the night. Visitors can book the Accommodations (tents, boathouses/rafts, meals) or they can bring their own tents and Food to enjoy. The entry point is at Wat Nam Pu Ron, where visitors must pay entry fees (20 Baht/car, 10 Baht/bike). They will then receive the cards that will allow them entry into the Reservoir. Visitors who do not wish to stay overnight must keep in mind that they must leave before 1800, due to the safety concerns during the travel, as the roads can get dark and dangerous during the night.

Hub Kao Wong Reservoir
Location: Unnamed Rd Dan Chang, Dan Chang District, Suphan Buri 72180 Thailand

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