Herbaline Facial Spa : Pahang, Malaysia

The Herbaline Wellness Group accentuates on beauty, comfort and stress free services and packages. The vision is straightforward; everyone deserve an experience that lightens the body and mind.

At Herbaline Wellness Group, we aspire to offer a unique and holistic wellness experience based on the Eat ‘Well; Look Well; Live Well’ principle vai 3 primary brands. From the refrehsing Faical Spa and Tharepetic. Massage by Herbaline Facial Spa, to hearty and delicious meals by Mama kim, and a relaxing setting in the Sojourn Guest house. We strive to ensure that one gets to experience the best of our expertise.

Herbaline Facial Spa
Address: Taman Melodies, 25250 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 9-567 1385 Website: http://www.herbaline.com.my

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