Hat Sai Ri : Chumphon, Thailand

This large, curved beach is scenic and popular with Chumphon residents. Bungalows and restaurants are available along the white sand beach. Nearby is a monument to Prince Kromluang Chumphon Khet, Udomsak, the founder of the Royal Thai Navy. In addition, there is also the Mor Porn Herb Garden. Hat Sai Ri is about 20 kilometers south of Chumphon town by HighwayNos.4119 and 4098. There is a reregulation buses running from the town to the beach.

Hat Sai Ri is located aAbout 20 km along Hwy 4119 and 4098 with regular bus services from the town centre (take a songthaew from the square by the city pillar shrine).

This long smooth white sand beach is shaded by majestic pine trees and affords some spectacular views of nearby islands.

Colourful boats lie berthed by the beach, which is lined with restaurants selling fresh seafood. A monument commemorating the late Admiral Prince of Chumphon is located nearby, complete with a well-preserved WWII warship. A hillside temple at the site offers a panoramic view of the entire area.

Hat Sai Ri
Location: Mueang Chumphon District, Chumphon, Thailand

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