Explore Indochina : Hanoi, Vietnam

A motorbike tour in Vietnam is a fantastic experience, and head-and-shoulders above any other form of travel. Vietnam’s northern mountains offer thousands of kilometers of narrow, winding roads through spectacular scenery and colorful hill tribe villages that have seen very few Western tourists. Every bend in the road opens up a different view and a new experience.

While the motorbike is an essential part of any adventure and the means by which all facets of the tour are brought together, it is more than just about being on two wheels. Our adventure tours are about the people, the scenery, the markets, the culture, the food and drink, witnessing the traditional way of life in Vietnam and becoming a part of it.

Explore Indochina organized hundreds and hundreds of motorbike tours in Vietnam and our team of mechanics is second to none. Our responsible guides make sure you will be able to experience a flexible tour, with plenty of options and opportunities to go where no one else has been to before in Vietnam.

Explore Indochina
No. 27 Hang Trong street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, Vietnam
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