Elephant Village : Surin, Thailand

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a pet elephant? Come visit this world’s biggest elephant village to try it yourself! At Surin Elephant Village in Thailand, you will get a close experience of local living, native traditions and cultures, and amazing relationships between the villagers and the elephants they have raised as family members.

Surin Elephant Village located in Ban Ta Klang. These villagers are descendants of the Suay or Kuay Ethnic group, who have a long history elephant husbandry.

Unlike northern Thailand where elephant is kept for labour, Ta Klang people consider elephant as their friends who can share the same house.

This elephant village is located at Ban Ta Klang on Highway No. 214 (Surin – Roi Et). It can be reached by turning left at Km. 36 before Amphoe Tha Tum for 22 kilometers.

Ban Taklang Elephant Village
Address: 99 Moo 16 Baan Buri, Krapo, Tha Tum District, Surin 32120 Thailand

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