Dusit Dhewa Cultural Center of Asia : Samui : Suratthani, Thailand

Dusit Dhewa Cultural Center of Asia is set in a very tranquil spot, and most people stumble across it purely by chance. It’s completely unexpected.

Drive along the small country lane and a decorated wall appears. Then a few yards away an enormous entrance arch beckons. It’s like something out of an extravagant film, and is completely eye-catching.

If you come on certain nights, you’ll find the entrance is lit up by flaming torches, with stone serpents spitting fire, and dancers in traditional costumes cavorting on top of the walls. But no matter what time you come here, you’ll probably be so taken with the decorated arch that you may well miss the sign at the side announcing that this is the Lipanoi Cultural Center.

Dusit Dhewa Cultural Center of Asia
Address: Lipa Noi, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84140 Thailand

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