Doi Pui Luang : Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Doi Pui Luang is in the upside down bowl shape, located on the top of Doi Pui, 1,722 meter above sea mean leave where the panoramic view is very beautiful from here. The weather is cold throughout the year. Footing is the only mean to reach this place. Along the side, there are many plants and animals, and wild flowers such as orchids, Dendrobium scabrilingue Lindl, and mushrooms.

It is located in Baan Hui Hi, Moo 8, Huai Pu Ling Sub-district, Muang District, Mae Hong Son Province. Doi Pui Luang is 25 kilometers far from Ranger Station 3 on the road to Nam Hu Cave. Take another 25 kilometers on foot to arrive Baan Huai Hi. After that, take another 4 kilometers on foot on trekking trial to reach the top of Doi Pui, the highest peak in Mae Suin Waterfall National Park, 1,722 meters above sea mean level.

From this scenic point, tourist can see the fantastic panoramic view. Along the trail is the plentiful area that is filled with plants and animals which are the indicator of the fertility of forest such as Great Hornbill and various orchids species, especially Dendrobium scabrilingue Lindl.

Doi Pui Luang
Location: Baan Hui Hi, Moo 8, Huai Pu Ling, Mueang Mae Hong Son, Mae Hong Son 58000 Thailand

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