Doi Pui Co : Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Doi Pui Co or Doi Pui is located at Udomda Nua, Tambon Mae Khaeng, Sop Ruam, Mae Hong Son, at an elevation of 1,406m above sea level. Away from the district of Sop Mao about 10 km, Pho Soi is reputed to be a land of golden meadows. Beautiful scenery and the misty sea view 360-degree view to see the sunrise and sunset, at night there is full of stars.

Walking distance is about 3 km, it takes up to 1 hour to reach the mountain. Some steep slopes a little bit but it is a fairly easy walk and take a short walk to find the beauty of nature. The right time to travel and find a golden meadow is around January – February.

At the top of the hill there are no accommodations and facilities. Visitors must prepare tents, food and drinking water. From the start of the walk takes about 30 -45 minutes to contact the porter.

Doi Pui Co
Location: Mae Khatuan, Sop Moei District, Mae Hong Son 58110 Thailand

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