Doi Khun Than National Park : Lampang / Lamphun, Thailand

Doi Khun Tan National Park straddles the mountainous area of the Khun Tan Range in Lamphun and Lampang Provinces, northern Thailand. Established in 1975 as Thailand’s tenth national park, it is an IUCN Category V protected area measuring 255.29 square kilometres (98.57 sq mi). The park ranges in elevation from 325-1,373 m.

Located in the mountain of the northern Thailand, Doi Khun Than National Park is home to many interesting species both flora and fauna, as well as many historical spots of interest.

Its most renowned feature is Thailand’s longest railroad tunnel, which is 1,352 m. long.

Doi Khun Than National Park straddles the mountains separating Lamphun and Lampang Provinces, covering 255.29 and ranges in elevations from 325m to 1,373m at the summit. Established in 1975, it was the 10th National Park in Thailand.

Doi Khun Than National Park
Address: Tha Pla Duk, Mae Tha District, Lamphun 51140 Thailand

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