Democracy Monument : Bangkok, Thailand

The Democracy Monument in Ratchadamnoen Avenue was erected in 1939 to commemorate the 24 June 1932 coup. That was the year when the People’s Party led by Pridi Banomyong and the military faction under Phibun Songkhram staged a coup that changed the face of Thai politics for years to come.

The 150-year-old absolute monarchy came to an end and Thailand changed to a constitutional government.

It was an Italian artist and sculptor, Corrado Feroci who designed the Democracy Monument with a symbolism to capture the spirit of the occasion.

The monument has four curved columns arching inwards. Each column is 24 m in height to signify 24 June, the date of the revolution. The winged-shaped columns signify the freedom and rights of the people.

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Democracy Monument

Article Title: Democracy Monument : Bangkok, Thailand

Short Description: The Democracy Monument is a public monument in the centre of Bangkok, capital of Thailand. It occupies a traffic circle on the wide east-west Ratchadamnoen Avenue, at the intersection of Dinso Road.

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