COS Rinjani Trekking Tours : Lombok, Indonesia

COS Lombok Indonesia provides services and information for those of you who like some adventurous challenges in Around the island of Lombok and Sumbawa Island. Adventures that we can serve as Climbing Mount Rinjani, Mount Tambora, Camping in hidden Island, River Tubing, Rafting, Climbing, Exploring Caves and biking around the island of Lombok, which allows you to have more time on Lombok Island.

Some additional information regarding our services surving, Diving and snorkling. A visit to Lombok is still a chance to explore the natural paradise that is very different, a trip around Mount Rinjani, find a life in the countryside in the traditional way that shows an interesting integration of Islamic and Hindu culture, as well as several small islands (in local language called GILI) white sand and many are uninhabited. The beautiful Lombok Island next door neighbor island is Bali, rarely receives the attention it deserves.

Despite the distance separating only thirty-five miles from the sea between the two islands, the physical and cultural differences is quite large. The nature panorama of towering mountains, powerful waterfalls, pristine white sand beaches, magnificent coral reefs, pearl studded beaches, a unique Sasak culture and calm, among the many charms that are present on the island of Lombok. In general, the island of Lombok attract tourists who might have wanted to explore the island of Bali and looking for a new adventure. The islands are also a haven for those seeking peace and tranquility.

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