Chao Ram Cave (Tham Phra Ram) : Sukhothai, Thailand

Chao Ram Cave (Tham Phra Ram) is located in Si Satchanalai National Park at Wangtakian Wildlife Protection Unit, National Reserved Forest Mae Mok – Mae Lamphan, Moo 15, Wang Nam Khao Subristrict, Ban Dan Lan Hoi District, Sukhothai. It is about 30 km., north of Ban Dan Lanhoi.

The entrance is the habitat of about 1.8-2 million bats. Around 5:00 pm, you will see the bats flying out of the cave entrance. Tham Phra Ram is the habitat of the bats eating many insects. Especially, around eight hundred thousand – a million wrinkled-lipped bats come out in evenings by flying together, which is very impressive to visitors.

A big tit is a large and perennial tree with about 25-meter height, about 630-cm circumference, 3 km away from Tham Phra Ram.

Dong Chan Phra is a limestone karst forest. There are a lot of Chapha trees (Dracaena) behind the Forest Protection Unit behind. Chuangpha Waterfall was build by capillary water. The waterfall has 3 levels; the top one is the highest with 20 meters.

Nongkhua Reservoir is a small reservoir, in front of Takian Forest Protection Unit, where people usually go fishing.

Chao Ram Cave (Tham Phra Ram)
Location: Moo 15 Wang Nam Khao, Ban Dan Lan Hoi District, Sukhothai 64140 Thailand

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