Chalerm Phra Kiat Bridge : Phatthalung, Thailand

Chalerm Phra Kiat Bridge is approximately 5.5 kilometers long. It is the longest bridge in Thailand, crossing the lake connecting the route between Khuan Khanun district, Phatthalung province and Ranot district, Songkhla province.

This bridge is the 80th Anniversary Road. Local people call Baan SaiklingBaan Hua Pa. The first was a dirt road, which had to be closed frequently during the flood. The province want rebuilt it. During that time, Ekachai Srivichai came to open his concert for donating funds to rebuild this bridge. Therefore, the bridge is called Ekachai Bridge. This bridge became the longest bridge in Thailand, replacing Tinsulanonda bridge in Songkhla province.

Chalerm Phra Kiat Bridge (Saphan Ekachai)
Location: Phanang Tung, Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung 93150 Thailand

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