Cha Ca Thuy Hong Restaurant : Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, land of legends and local specialties with a thousand year old, introduces you to its traditional food recipes through family’s Thúy Hồng – Thúy Hồng Restaurant. Since more than quarter of a century, Chả cá – Fried fish has preserved its know-how and ancestral skills.

Chả cá – Fried fish still breathes the aromas of our family, which were first made here. Chả cá Thúy Hồng : A unique taste resulting from a closely followed traditional together with the rigorous selection of quality foods. All our fried fish are made using fresh “Lăng” fish, special fish from Red river, one of many ancient rivers in Vietnam.

Cha Ca Thuy Hong Restaurant
Address : 12 Hàng Gà strees, Hoàn Kiếm distric, Hà Nội Capital
Phone : 04.3825.7924 Fax : 04.3826.4397 Email : Hand phone : +8498.909.3958

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