Bueng Sam Phan : Petchaboon, Thailand

Located in Tambon Sap SamoThot, 5 kilometers from Bueng Sam Phan District Office, lies the lake of Bueng Sam Phan. The 3 kilometer-long canal boasts fresh, clear water throughout the year. Bueng Sam Phan is used for the area’s agricultural industry and to breed fish. An annual long-tailed boat race is held every November, with the victor awarded the royal HRH Crown Prince MahaVajiralongkorn’s Cup. There are also restaurants nearby.

Bueng Sam Phan is a 3 kilometre-long canal with clear water throughout the year. It is a pond for agricultural purposes and for fish breeding.

By the pond lie restaurants. Every year during November, Bueng Sam Phan District will organise a long-tailed boat race competing for the HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn’s Cup.

To get there:
From Phetchaboon, take Highway No. 21, passing Ban Wang Chomphu and Nong Phai District into Bueng Sam Phan District at the intersection at Km. 340-341. There will be a direction sign pointing to Bueng Sam Phan for 3 kilometres.

Bueng Sam Phan
Location: Petchaboon, Thailand

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