Ban Ton Tan Floating Market : Saraburi, Thailand

Ban Ton Tan Floating Market is named after the village Ban Ton Tan in Sao Hai District where it is situated. Ton Tan is the Thai name for the palmyra or toddy palm (Borassus). The juice from the flower is used to make a very sweet non-alcoholic drink “nam tan”. When the juice is fermented, it becomes an alcoholic drink called palm wine.

Ban Ton Tan is a community with a long history of 200 years. The majority of the people are Thai Yuan (Lan Na). On Sundays, the village set up a market near Wat Ton Tan along the Pa Sak River.

Ban Ton Tan Floating Market
Location: Ton Tan, Sao Hai District, Saraburi 18160 Thailand

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