Ban Nam Khem Tsunami Memorial Park : Phang Nga, Thailand

Ban Nam Khem Tsunami Memorial Park is situated near the Ban Nam Khem Coast, 7 kilometres away from Takua Pa District. Being in the area of 8000 square metres, it consists of 5 main parts: Resting Area, Health Area, Playground Area and Tsunami Memorial Area, which is the highlight of this park. The curved concrete wall, which represents tsunami, is located opposite an old fishing boat, which was damaged during the tsunami.

Another side of the park, is the path along a clay wall mixed with brick and ceramic tile being carved with more than 1,400 names of the dead. The royal statue of the Prince of Chumphon, who is the Father of Royal Thai Navy, and a Buddha Image are widely worshiped by fishermen before every voyage. There are also seafood restaurants, tourist information provider and souvenirs produced by villagers. Another attraction around Ban Nam Khem Tsunami Memorial Park is a beautiful beach, with its clean white sand and clear blue ocean that make a walk along the beach pleasurable until the fishermen villages and various restaurants.

This Memorial Park is not only the reminder of the damage, exhibiting numerous pictures of before/after the tsunami, but is also an enjoyable place for a family picnic. Visitors can come to the Memorial Park and the beach, which are open around the clock, and the exhibition building that is open from 8:00-17:00.

Ban Nam Khem Tsunami Memorial Park
Location: Bang Muang, Takua Pa District, Phang Nga 82190 Thailand

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